Features on a training camp in Suwa area

Good accessibility

  • Just two and half hours from/to Tokyo using JR trains or Chuo highway
  • Easily come from, easily go for international airports located in Nagoya or Kansai area

Rich nature

  • High altitude training provided with quite cool weather in day and night even in a midsummer at the area of Lake Suwa, approx. 760m, as an example
    Sound condition for body and mind assured by nice view of Mt. Fuji and South Alps from vicinities of Lake Suwa as well as fresh air and pristine water unique to highlands
  • Shimosuwa Rowing Course surrounded by abundant nature and located in convenient
    place where is close to hotels, hospitals and shopping areas

Delicious foods and hot springs for relaxing

  • Athletes who do care about nutrition can enjoy fresh, safety, high nutritive value and very
    delicious vegetables and fruits when they stay here since Suwa area is one of the most
    noticeable regions in Japan for the production of highland vegetables.

  • Relaxing with peace and forgetting stress prior to training are indispensable for
    them. In this regard, they can soothe their mind by soaking in hot springs gushed out from
    nearby the shores of Lake Suwa, which give fatigue relieving effect.

OMOTENASHI given by local communities

  • It’s heart has been cultivated by longstanding history sustainably inherited by people in Suwa area as hot-spring post town and head shrine of the Suwa-jinja shrines in various parts of Japan.

    Besides, it was enriched by them through valuable experiences on welcoming athletes from various countries and regions during Nagano Olympic and Paralympic Games in 1998.

  • Not only students and members of NAGANO ROWING Association but also local
    communities proactively engage in the races they hold. The lessons learned from these
    events should be provided even in training camps with which we can assure you to be
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