Shimosuwa-machi to roll out the red carpet for Rowing National Teams

I would firstly like to entice training camps of international rowing races. The reason is that Shimosuwa-machi is almost located in the center of Suwa area as navel of Nagano prefecture, boasting its wealth of nature with beautiful highlands in the north and Lake Suwa in the south.

Besides, it has been prospering as a historical hot-spring post town of key intersection of Nakasendo route (*1) and Koshukaido route (*2). Accordingly, the town is a very convenient place for connecting to Tokyo and other big cities as geographical advantage. We can hence provide favorable training conditions and environments for athletes who can also enhance rest effect maximally with taking hot springs and delicious foods using fresh ingredients as well as enjoying the natural environment.

With above features, Shimosuwa Rowing Course which is well developed ensures you to practice in good conditions without any concerns such as transportation from/to the downtown.

Intended for people concerned who seek eligible training camps, we would like to offer you the best sites here in Shimosuwa-machi for games. I would sincerely like to welcome you across the town with the heart of “OMOTENASHI (*3)” cultivated by legendary history as the post town.

*1 Nakasendo: One of the five major old routes in Edo era connecting Tokyo to Kyoto
*2 Koshukaido: One of the five major old routes in also Edo era connecting Tokyo to Shimosuwa-machi en route to Kofu,Yamanashi-ken
*3 OMOTENASHI: A long-established Japanese way of hospitality with the most dedicated and thoughtful manners

Satoru Aoki
Town Mayor
Shimosuwa-machi, Nagano

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