Outline of training facility

Shimosuwa Rowing Course was constructed in 1976 because the town was chosen as the place of the rowing competition in the 33rd National Sports Festival held on 1978. (Then the course was moved to inside of the lake about 20m in 2006.)
The Course is located in north of Lake Suwa and has all facilities like a garage, a training room and meeting rooms nearby.


10615-8 Shimosuwa-machi, Suwa-gun,
Nagano-ken, 393-0046 Japan

Rowing Course

  • Competitive course length: 1,000m (B grade certified by Japan Rowing Association)
  • Maximum straight course length 2,000m
    (We are plannning to make 2,000m training course by setting buoys.)
  • Suitable training environment without influence by weather condition because the course has almost no stream and wave due to dissipating blocks to be installed.
  • Easy to instruct by coaches because of roads alongside the course.
  • You can row 7 to 11km by making a circuit of the lake.


Competitive course Length:1,000m、Width:81m, 6 Lanes, Straight
Training course Length:2,000m
Location Natural lake, Still water, Average depth:4.7m
Pontoon Length:14m, Width:2m; 3 sets
Information Sheet of Rowing Boat Course (PDF:104KB)

Subsidiary facility

  • Rowing machines installed in a training room, outside training feasible due to the jogging course surrounding Lake Suwa provided
  • Restrooms and shower rooms in boat house
  • Large-sized vehicles parking at the nearby park called Akasunasaki Bousai Park


Boat House (Training facility) 1 office, 1 lounge, 7 meeting rooms, 4 restrooms (2 for men,2 for women) 2 shower rooms (1 for each), 2 dressing rooms (1 for each), 2 laundry rooms (1 for each) , 1 Lavatory
Training room 16 rowing machines
Boat storage house Capacity: 50, Floor space: 477.87m

Facilities in surrounding cities

Medical facility for emergency

Suwa Red Cross Hospital (Suwa city)

【 Address 】
11-50, 5 Cho-me, Kogandori, Suwa-shi, Nagano-ken 392-0027 Japan

【 Access 】
15 min. by car from Shimosuwa Rowing Course


Medical specialty Orthopedic surgery, Rehabilitation, Internal medicine, and other 29 specialties
Emergency medical system Emergency medical center, Doctor car, Heli port

Training facility

Training center in Yamabiko Skating Complex (Okaya city)

In addition to aerobic exercise apparatus like treadmills and exercise bikes, training machines and weighting training equipment are fully provided.


Facility Training room, Fitness studio, Fitness Measurement Room, and Cure room
Training apparatus Aerobic Exercise Apparatus, Training Machines, Free Weighting Zone
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